Best Marijuana Strains for Chronic Pain, Stress and Anxiety

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Anxiety Reducers:

  • Strawberry Cough is great for anxiety. It will help to relax the mind and body. Also, if a cold or congestion is lurking through the body,it’s also a great decongestant.
  • Jack Herer is named after its creator and is one of the most well-known strains in the world. This is a high THC strain, which isn’t typically suggested for anxiety sufferers, but this strain possesses other cannabinoids that keep anxiety in check. The calming effects of this strain come from one of the parents, Northern Lights. If Jack Herer isn’t available, look for Northern Lights. Buy kush online USA
  • Granddaddy Purple is a daytime indica that helps multiple conditions and keeps the body going. Once chores are done, indulge a little more and the day’s anxieties drift away. Buy kush online USA .This strain is ideal for generating a peaceful calm throughout the body. It’s also an ideal strain for stress, pain, insomnia and depression.
  • Cannatonic is a high CBD strain that contains the terpene myrcene which helps the body relax and reduces anxiety. When reducing anxiety is a top priority and keeping a clear head is a must, a high CBD strain should be the strain of choice. Buy kush online USA .If Cannatonic is not an option, look for other high-CBD strains such as Harlequin, Canna-Tsu or Harle-Tsu.

Stress Reducers:

  • Girl Scout Cookies is a strain typically above 20% THC, so a little goes a long way. Using too much might lead to a big snack and a nap. Minor aches and pains, even depression, are no match for this strain.
  • Blue Dream is one of the most popular marijuana strains in the U.S. It is a hybrid with multiple uses, including stress relief. This is not for someone that also experiences anxiety as it is a high THC strain and may induce some anxiety or paranoia. Buy kush online USA . It has a citrus aroma and flavor, and should be used in small doses since it is often potent.
  • AK-47 is a hybrid that helps relax the mind and body. Mellow is a common feeling described after using AK-47. Although the effects help relieve stress, it also helps the mind stay alert so that participating in conversations is still an option. It’s not a super potent strain, but is enough to help the body and mind relax enough to forget that stress was trying to ruin the day. Buy kush online USA
  • Super Sour Diesel is a potent hybrid that tackles stress quickly. The effects come on quick and can tend to stick around for a while. Creativity will increase, stress will decrease and “going with the flow” will seem easier. If Super Sour Diesel isn’t a menu option then seek out Sour Diesel as it will be similar and help reduce stress and lighten moods.

Marijuana Strains for Chronic Pain

When deciding what cannabis strain is best for your chronic pain, there are several things that you should take into consideration. It is also important to note that there are dozens of different marijuana strains on the market that can help.

Each is best for specific pains or conditions, and there is no right or wrong when choosing a marijuana strain. It depends on the type of pain that you are experiencing and the level of psychoactivity you are comfortable with.

For one patient, a particular cannabis strain might be effective, and for another, with a similar condition, the strain simply won’t be as effective.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that each patient is different, and choosing the right cannabis strain may take some trial and error. With that all being said, here are some examples of cannabis strains that have ranked on most sites’ top 5 lists. Buy kush online USA

White Widow

White Widow is a hybrid marijuana strain. It derives from two different strains; South Indian indica and South American sativa.

This cannabis strain offers excellent pain relief as well as an uplifting, energetic, and euphoric feeling. Patients also use this strain for stress, depression, and lack of appetite.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a hybrid marijuana strain, a crossbreed between the sativa Haze with Blueberry indica. It has a sweet flavor and is favored by many smokers.

Patients report that this strain has significant pain-relieving properties, and they also use it for depression and stress relief. The THC content of Blue Dream falls between 17-24%. Its CBD content ranges from 0.1-0.2% consistently. Buy kush online USA

Bubba Kush

Deriving from the Hindu Kush landrace cannabis strains, this unique strain offers an earthy flavor. As it is indica based, it provides a very relaxed and sleepy effect for many who enjoy it for their pain relief.

Some people refer to this as ‘the marijuana sleeping pill.’ It does wonders before bedtime by helping to relieve pain, addressing stress and depression, and assisting with insomnia. The THC content of Bubba Kush ranges from 14-22%, and the CBD content ranges from 0.06-0.1%. Buy kush online USA


AK-47 is kind of like a cannabis cocktail. It comes from a variety of different strains, including South American, Mexican, and Thai sativa strains and the Afghani indica strain.

It is great for helping to relieve pain, eliminating stress, and managing depression. Being a sativa dominant strain, it also provides an uplifting effect, so make sure you don’t smoke it before you go to sleep. Buy kush online USA

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is named after a renowned cannabis activist, and similar to Jack himself, this strain is extremely effective. This powerhouse strain may potentially help to ease pain while providing you with the benefits of a sativa strains

People often use it for depression, lack of appetite, and fatigue in addition to pain. The THC content of Jack Herer ranges from 18-23%, and the CBD content ranges from 0.03 -0.2%. This strain is a cross between Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5 and a Haze hybrid. Buy kush online USA

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