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Marijuana wax

Marijuana wax goes by several names including Honeycomb, Wax and Butter. It’s made from oils found in pot plants and has a higher concentration of THC than most marijuana products. Users can either eat or smoke it using a bong or electronic cigarette. And the drug can also be molded into tiny, round balls. Buy marijuana wax online . It can also be applied to the lips or gums.

Medical marijuana wax can be used to treat disease symptoms and pain.  Which are not sufficiently addressed by edibles or regular smoked or vaporized cannabis.

Marijuana wax used as potent forms of cannabis for superior recreational and medicinal effects.  Shatter, wax, oil, budder, ice wax, and dust are forms of dab concentrates of different consistency using methods such as butane extraction (to make BHO aka butane hash oil and other forms). Buy marijuana wax online