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Barefarms Hardcore OG Jpod

Buy Barefarms Hardcore OG Jpod Online. This jPod contains 1ml of Hardcore OG cannabis oil and is compatible with all

Bhang Black High THC Vape Oil Cartridges

(hybrid) Gorilla Glue #4 (72.94% THC) (indica) Blue Cheese #4 (75.59% THC)

Bhang Black Private Reserve High THC Vape Vape

Bhang Black Private Reserve High THC Vape Vape Cartridges (500mg – 4 strains) For the Connoisseurs. Highest THC potency out

Black Velvet

Buy Black Velvet marijuana online at Ganja4high marijuana dispensary. Black Velvet marijuana strain is a well balanced 50 Indica/50 Sativa

Black Widow(AAAA)

TYPE: Hybrid THC: 27% - 28% AROMAS : Diesel, Pine, Pungent,Skunky FLAVORS: Citrus, Lemon, Pine EFFECTS : Creative, Euphoric, relaxed, cotton mouth. BEST FOR TREATING: Depression, Pain, los of appetite,Nausea, Anxiety CREATED FEELINGS: Mild body high DURATION:  last for an hour or more.

Blackberry Kush Marijuana(AAAAA)

RATING: 9.3 TYPE: Indica Hybrid THC: Between 14% and 20% GENETICS: Blackberry x Afghani APPEARANCE: Blackberry kush has dense dark green buds with hues of purple that are completely coated in trichomes and thin orange pistils. EFFECTS :Euphoria, Happy,Hungry, Mellow, Sleepy SMELL: A mix of fuel, berry and spice. FLAVORS : Berry, Diesel, Sweet BEST FOR TREATING: Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression,Insomnia, Loss of  Appetite, Migraines,PTSD, Stress CREATED FEELINGS: Creates a mellow body high that keeps you alert not tired and lazy. DURATION: Chill high that usually lasts an hour or two.

Blackberry kush vape cartridge(1 Gram)

Blackberry kush vape cartridge THC: 20%, CBN: 2% Blackberry Kush oil is an indica strain. The strain is incredibly potent,

Blaze marijuana strain(AAAAA)

TYPE: Sativa THC: 20% APPEARANCE: AROMAS: Blueberry, Earthy,Grape, Herbal, Spicy FLAVORS : Berry, Blueberry, Grape,Herbal, Spicy, Sweet EFFECTS :Cerebral, Energizing,Relaxing, Uplifting BEST FOR TREATING: Depression, Fatigue,Fibromyalgia,Glaucoma, Headaches,Stress CREATED FEELINGS: A DURATION: Relaxing high that usually lasts around an hour and more.

Bloom Farms 500mg CBD Disposable Vapor Pen Set

Bloom Farms 500mg CBD Disposable Vapor Pen Set (250mg CBD – 4 options). Premium uncut CBD oil. Best-in-class hardware. Non-intoxicating.