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 Big Foot II Cannabis Oil(THC: 77%)(1 Gram)

 Big Foot II Cannabis Oil  THC: 77% Big Foot II Cannabis Oil is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa)

710 King Pen Vape Oil Cartridges

The 710 King Pen Vape Oil Cartridges online in 0.5g comes in Sunset Sherbet, Gelato , Skywalker OG , Trainwreck, Romulan

Berry White Vape Oil Cartridge

THC: (THC + THCa): 72.10% CBD: (CBD + CBDa): 0.02% CBN: 0.56%

Blackberry kush vape cartridge(1 Gram)

Blackberry kush vape cartridge THC: 20%, CBN: 2% Blackberry Kush oil is an indica strain. The strain is incredibly potent,

Bloom Vape co2 Oil Cartridges

Bloom Vape co2 Oil Cartridges for sale. Clean, Crisp, and Clear. Triple distilled to remove solvents, impurities, and pigments. Bloom

Blue Dream Oil Vape Cartridges(1 Gram)

Blue Dream Oil Vape Cartridges It is a Sativa Live Resin. It has a sweet berry aroma which is popular daytime

Bubble gum cannabis oil(1 Gram)

Bubble gum cannabis oil   THC:60.70%  CBD: 11% Good CBD strains can be hard to come by in the marijuana world.

Buy 7 high Cannabis Oil Cartridges 

Buy 7 high Cannabis Oil Cartridges Each strain-specific Vapura cartridge expresses the distinctive cannabinoid and aromatic signature of the plant,

Buy 710 King Pen Gelato Cartridges(1 Gram)

  • Creamy hybrid
  • Famous for cerebral and body highs
  • Well balanced indica/sativa cross
  • Known for its sweet tastes
  • Perfect for all-around use.

Cali kush oil vape Cartridge (1 Gram)

Cali kush oil vape Cartridge Cali Kush Oil Cartridge. Vape Hybrid THC: 81% CBD: 7.01%. Pure One is the best