Donkey Dick(AAAA)


TYPE: Hybrid

THC:  10%

AROMAS : Dank, Earthy, Spicy

FLAVORS : Dank, Spicy

EFFECTS : Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

BEST FOR TREATING: Anxiety, Chronic Pain,Depression, Insomnia,Stress

CREATED FEELINGS: Feelings of relaxation.

DURATION: Relaxing high that usually lasts around an hour and a half



Donkey Dick strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 10%

Buy Donkey Dick Kush

Donkey Dick is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is said to be a Big Island Skunk phenotype that took on a rather illicit appearance. Buy Donkey Dick Kush . This bud has long and super dense pepper-shaped dark olive green nugs that are covered with thin furry amber hairs and clear crystal trichomes with visible droplets of sticky sweet resin.   It has moderate 10% THC level. Buy Donkey Dick Kush
Donkey Dick is good for treating novice users suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, migraines or headaches, and appetite loss. Donkey Dick has a powerful stench of spicy dank skunk with an overtone of sharp pungency that fills any room instantly.

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1 Ounce@250$, 1/8 pound@480, 1/4 pound@680, 1/2 pound@780, 1 pound@1600


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